The Benefits of Going Abroad to a Foreign Language School

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  2. March 8, 2013 12:19 am

The Benefits of Going Abroad to a Foreign Language School

Immerse Yourself and Learn

The ability to speak more than one language is valuable for many reasons. Knowing a second language can be a marketable skill for job applicants, a way to connect with one’s own background, and so much more.

Learning a second language can be difficult, and adult learners sometimes have a more difficult time. There are methods that can eliminate some of this difficulty. Education and linguistics experts have long agreed that the most effective way to learn a foreign language is with complete immersion. Going abroad to a foreign language school is one way to be immersed into speaking and listening to another language, but also to be surrounded entirely by a new culture.

Cultural Enrichment
There’s so much more to learning a language than memorizing vocabulary words and learning grammatical rules. Studying a second language abroad provides the opportunity to learn not just how to speak, but also to experience the entire life of another culture.

Take in the Scenery
While expanding horizons with immersion in the language and culture of another country, studying abroad lets you experience the backdrop of a new world. While abroad, visit the cities and historical sites around the area, and take advantage of local restaurants and other sites to learn about food and pastimes while practicing language skills doing everything from asking directions to ordering lunch.

Accelerated Learning
By studying a foreign language abroad, you have the chance to listen to the language you are learning and practice using it. Studying a second language abroad gives the opportunity to use that language daily, for more than just an hour or so at a time, and that means accelerated, quick learning through complete saturation in conversation and culture.

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