Learn French in the Car (Living Language Parent/Child Activity Kit)

Approved by Parents’ Choice, 1998It’s easy! It’s fun!16 games and songs  for the road48-page book  with stickers60-minute cassetteWhat a great way to learn French with your childr…

Approved by Parents’ Choice, 1998

It’s easy! It’s fun!

16 games and songs  for the road

48-page book  with stickers

60-minute cassette

What a great way to learn French with your children! Developed by the experts at Living Language, this book and cassette program includes 16 easy, fun, and effective language games centered around things you typically see while driving. Engaging songs, rhymes, and activities teach basic French words and phrases effortlessly. No previous knowledge of French is required.

The 48-page activity book includes :
16 games and activities, such as Let’s Travel, Animal Spotting, Karaoke, City Spy, Colors, Driver’s Ed, and We’re Here!
Step-by-step instructions, including completion times
40 color stickers illustrating the most important words
Additional scrapbook activities for each game
A two-way glossary (French-English, English-French)
Transcripts and translations of the songs and rhymes from the recordings

The 60-minute cassette includes :
Two narrators guiding you through the program in French and English
French words and phrases with time to repeat after the native speakers
Children’s songs and rhymes, old favorites and new ones, too

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